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Hey there, I’m Rakia, a senior software engineer, speaker, and content creator who lives in Germany. I love continuous learning and facing new challenges. I also enjoy understanding human psychology and social problems as much as I enjoy programming and fixing bugs in my source code.

Here’s some of my…

Every cloud has a silver lining. With a bit of creativity, you can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

The ScrapingAnt team: Andrew Kovalenko (at the left) and Oleg Kulyk (at the right)
Andrew Kovalenko (left) and Oleg Kulyk (right) (source image edited by author, background source)

Don’t be afraid to fail. Experience can’t be bought,” Oleg answered the journalist’s last question about a piece of advice for entrepreneurs who are starting their journey.

It was late 2020. The Covid-19 crisis brought economies to a standstill. Lots of companies around the world went to the wall or…

6 Tips on snappy and efficient writing

How To Transform Your Dull Sentences Into Engaging Ones - 5 tips on writing snappy and efficient content
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Engaging writing catches the audience and reaches them on a deeper level. Repeated sentence structures, passive voice, and poor words, however, are common red-flag signs used by inexperienced writers that make their content sounds boring.

Whether you’re just starting with writing or already have some experience, if your pieces don’t…

“It’s right here, everywhere, inside of me, outside of me, and it has nothing to say to me, nothing to ask of me. I sit with it. I watch it.” — Zat Rana

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If I have just one little story to tell, could I tell a story about the silence?

The silence in which trees, flowers, and grass grow… stars, moon, and sun move in the season of no time.

The silence in which I hunted my former selves and tried to access…

Embracing a deviation in your plan gives room for creativity

Person creating at a desk
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7:30 a.m.

I hear the alarm clock ringing. I open my eyes and look at my phone; it’s 7:30 a.m. “Few minutes then I’ll leave my bed,” I think to myself.

I open my eyes again and realize that it’s 9:17 a.m.

There is no room for more ‘few minutes’ now. I…

“It’s your mission to turn every failure into a memorable, lifelong lesson — or better, into art.” — Paul Jun

A notebook, a camera, some cards, a loop, and a pen on a table
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How many hours should I invest to become an inspiring writer? How could I let readers step into the scene and walk into the world I’ve crafted?

These questions kept bugging me, especially at the beginning of my writing venture, when I didn’t have a clear system or strategy to…

Do writers and bloggers really need an AI writing assistant?

A face of an artificial intelligence robot with binary code in the background
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It was a bright summer day, and I was sitting next to the balcony scrolling my screen looking for something interesting to read, as a headline caught my eye. It was about one of the relatively new products in the market that is dedicated to writers.

It’s an artificial intelligence…

Beauty can be found in the broken

an old book with surreal fantasy pages
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I have recently stumbled upon an aspiring writer I’ve never heard about him before. He caught my attention after commenting on one of the creative pieces I’ve published over a year ago and did not go viral as I hoped.

He seemed to catch the meaning behind my words and…

You got a reader. What’s next?

A young woman with a blue shirt thinking and wondering
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If you’ve ever published an article or even a response on Medium and you have checked its detailed stats page, you should have seen two categories of traffic: internal views and external views.

Medium defines the external views according to the following criteria:

“An external view is defined as traffic…

Does the improvement of the software quality really reduce frustration?

Photo by Crema Joe on Unsplash

“I had a problem. Before I tell you about this problem, be warned — you will get emotional if you keep reading. Your heart will break for me. There will be weeping, so much weeping. You will be tempted to start a GoFundMe page to help ease my burden.


Rakia Ben Sassi

Senior Software Engineer & TechLead | Storyteller | Psychology Enthusiastツ I write about engineering, technology, and leadership | https://webenius.com

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