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Information is a key for both survival and growth. Here are some of the best tools in the market to get it.

Erlich pitches Jian-Yang’s app as a “Shazam for food” — HBO’s Silicon Valley
Erlich pitches Jian-Yang’s app as a “Shazam for food” — HBO’s Silicon Valley (source)

While I was watching the episodes of HBO’s Silicon Valley, I enjoyed the drama and comedy in that series. But what caught my attention the most was some ingenious product ideas such as SeeFood.

During his pitch to a VC firm, Coleman Blair, Erlich has realized that he was facing…

Software Engineering

To build a better product, put yourself in the end user’s shoes

A visualization of the brain
Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

As software developers, we spend hours building applications that will be used by other people, and so it’s crucial we keep an eye on the user experience. To do so, we often rely on specific mental models.

A mental model refers to someone’s intuitive understanding of something. We have mental…

Writing & Content Creation

6 Tips on snappy and efficient writing

How To Transform Your Dull Sentences Into Engaging Ones - 5 tips on writing snappy and efficient content
Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

Engaging writing catches the audience and reaches them on a deeper level. Repeated sentence structures, passive voice, and poor words, however, are common red-flag signs used by inexperienced writers that make their content sounds boring.

Whether you’re just starting with writing or already have some experience, if your pieces don’t…

Chrome, Bug, Web Development

Not all website kits are compatible with three-digit version numbers, although Chrome 100 will be released in a few months

A young man confused about browsers’ version 100
original images from pixabay and ZDNet (edited by author)

The Web is a legacy machine that can be a hot mess. It’s full of history and is bound to repeat itself.

If you are old enough, you may remember the Y2K bug (Year 2000 bug), which was caused by the fact that computer systems were not designed to recognize…


Here is what you should know about the zero-day vulnerability log4shell, one of the worst cybersecurity flaws, and how to reduce your risk of attacks

an open lock and a bunch of keyboard keys thrown on table
Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash (edited by author)

As we are nearing the end of the year and many people are preparing themselves for the holidays, this period means for admins, security experts, as well as attackers, anything but quiet days. …

Leadership & Wellbeing

In the last 18 months, employees' needs changed as well as their struggles and sense of belonging — Here is an approach to address it

a football team in blue
image credit: pexel.com

“What makes us feel good about our work?” asked psychology and behavioral economist Dan Ariely in a TED talk in 2012¹.

Unlike what the old wisdom has told us, the experiments that Ariely has conducted showed that it’s not the money nor the joy that motivates us to work. …

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Senior Software Engineer, TechLead, Speaker | Psychology & Creativity Enthusiast ツ I write about engineering, technology, and leadership - https://webenius.com

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